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English Longhorn Beef

 Longhorns produce lean, succulent, tender, flavoursome meat by naturally laying down intramuscular fat - 'marbelling' - without excess external fat. A favourite of Heston Blumenthal and the Country Life judges! Our herd is outdoor reared on grass and wild flower meadows. The meat is locally butchered and hung for 3 weeks. No concentrated or cereal feed is used and antibiotics are rarely administered and only on veterinary advice.


Joints and cuts available include:

Sirloin Joint, Top rib, Rump Steak Joint, TopsideTop Rump (Bed of Beef), Silverside, Brisket, Chuck Roll, Shin of Beef, Flat Rib, Sirloin Steak, Rump Steak, Feathered Steak, Bavette, Braising Steak, Stewing Steak and Mince.



Inspired by a visit to Rousham House where Longhorns seemed to fit the English countryside perfectly, Ian & Susie’s dream to see Longhorn cattle in the fields surrounding Coton was fulfilled in July 2008 with the arrival of Hattie & Hilary.

Eight years and seven generations later we are proud to offer you a selection of cuts.

Not only can we reassure you of the provenance and care given to the herd by staff, Richard & Sally, but we can attribute this season's beef to Odin and Orion, 2 1/2yr old steers. A true connection to your food with minimal miles!

Coton Longhorn Herd
Coton Longhorn Herd

Despite their appearance Longhorns are an exceptionally docile breed and regularly enjoy a brush and comb, tickles and general attention!

Longhorns are hardy cattle who spend all year outdoors enjoying the summer sun and winter cool.

Attractive horns give real character to our herd.

A striking and tactile breed.

Exceptional eating qualities of all cuts.

Longhorns eat a diverse diet - not just grass - which is vital for them...

...and maintains a mixed grassland sward - vital for the wider ecosystem.

Longhorns are used in management of environmentally sensitive sites by Natural England, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and SSSIs.

An improved breed developed in the late eighteenth century, the population of which, post-second world war, fell to 50...

...but is now back up to 4500+.

The herd looks AMAZING when grazing in the wildlfower meadow - an image of times past.

Jelly Bean & Monty
Jelly Bean & Monty