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The Bluebells

The sea of bluebells, and the beautiful scent, make this one of the most spectacular bluebell woods in England. We only have native English bluebells in the 5 acre Bluebell Wood - no Spanish invaders allowed!
The lime green of the beech leaves provides the perfect canopy for the carpet of bluebells below and there is virtually no lower storey planting to interfere with the view. The sun filtering through the trees makes this a memorable sight. For many of our visitors the bluebells have become an annual pilgrimage.
In recent years the bluebells are usually in flower and at their best around the last week of April and the first week of May. The winter weather affects the timing though and very cold March and April can delay flowering by nearly two weeks!
Bluebell Flower
Bluebell Flower
Bluebells in full bloom
Bluebells in full bloom
English Bluebell Flower
English Bluebell Flower
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Please Note - Tripods and monopods are no longer allowed in the garden. Although it is dark in the wood and sometimes difficult to photograph, we just have too many people bringing tripods to the garden and have had to bring in a 'no tripod' policy. More info